A journey of wonder, vulnerability, and no regrets.

Between 1928 – 1971 over one million immigrants, and displaced people, entered Canada via Pier 21. This small and unassuming pier became the starting point of new life for the immigrants. Regardless of where they came from, their reference point of new life was now pier 21.

The name ‘pier’ is significant because a pier is distinctly different from a wharf or dock. A wharf or dock is where you reside or always come back to, while a pier is where you are either sent from or arrive to.

Our spiritual lives run parallel to those immigrants of the 20th century. For many of us, our spiritual lives center around a dock or wharf. We believe in Jesus Christ yet journey only a little way out from where we are and then come back. Paul writes in Ephesians 3:14-19 that our great inheritance in Christ is not only forgiveness and relationship with Him, but a transformed abundant life in His presence. The vastness of who He is and who we can be in Him is endless. Christ is looking to us to take the next step of journey with Him- that our spiritual lives not center around a dock but launch out from the pier. It is a journey where our reference point is no longer where we have been, but where we are now and where Christ wants to take us.

Stepping out in our faith we are spiritual heirs and children of Christ, adopted into a new community with Him. As a church we are committed to launch into the depth of His love and power. It is a journey of wonder, vulnerability and no regrets.

The Pier Christian Church is a part of our larger BIC Canada family.
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Where Our Story Meets God’s Story

As a group of believers in Jesus Christ we live in relationship with Christ, each other, the community, and the world we live in. The word to best describe this is Connection.

Connection to God:
As a Christian community we provide worship opportunities, teaching and mentoring to people of all ages, through Cell groups and Sunday ministry, focused on strengthening and building a strong personal relationship between ourselves and God

Connection to each other:
As a Christian community we develop supportive relationships with each other through interaction, prayer, and care

Connection to our community:
As a Christian community we are also part of the larger community of Brockville and St. Lawrence Valley, and are committed to valuably support the needs of the community and partner with existing ministries. We also believe that it is critically important that everyone in Brockville and the St. Lawrence valley hear, see, and experience the love and hope they have in Jesus Christ.

Connection to our world:
As a Christian community we are committed to partner with and support mission efforts across our globe.

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