Pier Groups

At the Pier, we passionately believe that the most important investment we can make is in the lives of people. For this reason, the priority of our heart investment, financial investment, and time investment is in the lives of people; both locally, nationally, and globally
When it comes to Community Care, we believe it is important to meet people where they are at. Through our many care groups, we aim to empower and equip people with the proper toolset they need in order to be the best version of themselves.

Pier Groups

Relationships are what God uses to grow and mature our faith in Him. One of the best ways to build these relationships and get connected is through joining a Pier group.

Our Pier groups meet all over the city at various days and times within the year, making it easy for you to find your fit.

Have more questions about our Pier groups? Contact us at info@thepier.church or fill out a request form by clicking below.

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